The NFL Is Taking A Lot Of Heat After Tua Tagovailoa’s Injury

The NFL Is Taking A Lot Of Heat After Tua Tagovailoa's Injury

Getty Image / Dylan Buell

They say that the NFL protects the shield at all costs. And, that’s mostly true. The league does go out and protect the entire league as a whole whenever it can. They limit controversies when they can and will talk about success stories until they’re blue in the face.

But, there may not be any protecting the shield on this one. Tua Tagovailoa suffered what looked to be a traumatic brain injury in week 3’s Thursday Night Football matchup between The Dolphins and the Bengals. This comes just four days after Tagovailoa was seen stumbling off the field in the Dolphins game against the Bills.

Tagovailoa would come back in and finish that game amidst controversy over him being allowed to come back in. The NFLPA launched an investigation into the concussion protocol process.

All of this led up to Thursday Night’s crushing hit that left Tua seemingly limp on the field.

People are mad at the NFL that Tua Tagovailoa was allowed to play

Chris Nowinski, former WWE wrestler who now had a PhD in Neuroscience, had spoken out about the risks of Tua playing before the game.

Afterwards, he was furious. And, he raised a valid point.

But, he’s especially mad at the Dolphins.

Sports Illustrated NFL writer Albert Breer thinks that the NFL has lots of questions to answer. I surely agree.

There is a lot of these type of tweets.

Sometimes, it seems like this is true.