Baker Mayfield Started Headbutting Teammates Without A Helmet In Idiotic Move

Baker Mayfield Started Head-butting Teammates Without A Helmet In Idiotic Move

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

If you’ve watched Baker Mayfield play football this year, you know he’s not making the smartest decisions. Normally, it’s with the football, as he completed only 56.6% of his passes with a touchdown to interception ratio of a putrid 6-4. That resulted in his benching by the Carolina Panthers after five starts.

But, his team got a crucial win on Sunday, as the Carolina Panthers beat the Atlanta Falcons 25-15. Yes, the Panthers are only 3-7, but the 4-5 Buccaneers are leading the division, so it was a big win. And, Mayfield was pretty fired up.

Baker Mayfield started head-butting helmeted teammates after the win

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a backup quarterback this excited about a win, but, Baker was pretty pumped up.

Did he think that his hat would protect him from the force of the helmets? Those aren’t love taps, either. He is full-on head-butting them. Is he trying to get a concussion so he doesn’t have to show up to work as a backup?

Is he trying to intentionally get CTE?

And, people were breaking the memes out.

As far as his future career prospects, I’m not giving up on Baker. Now, you may think I’m being completely insane. And maybe I am! But, I watched him at Oklahoma be ridiculously accurate for three full seasons. I know that guy is in there, and I don’t question his leadership skills at all. Would I bet my franchise on him? no. But, could I try to use him as a stopgap and see what happens? Also no. I’m not an NFL GM But I was….

The Panthers go to Baltimore next week.